Via Perth, Sydney, Liverpool, Manchester, London & Berlin, rock troubadour Dion Palumbo has many stories to tell with his inspired music. Mentored by some of the best in the business, his prolific output has won him awards & a loyal following with original music influenced by classic artists from rock heydays of the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s, blending a sound which is uniquely his own with threads of familiarity. "New School based on the Old School” without sounding derivative. One will hear expansive exploration track to track. PALUMBO is promoting his new upcoming album “Tales From the Big Smoke” releasing “Sweetie Song” August 20, 2021 from London & 2nd Single “Winners Grinners” launched March 11th 2022 from Berlin. Now back in Australia, 3rd single and full album due to launch July 28th, 2023, with launch gig (29th) @ The Joan in Penrith.

Solo acoustic with blues harp & stompbox, or electric with full band PALUMBO will take the listener on an inspirational journey through space & time....


After experiencing the highs & lows of rock n roll with his Hard Rock Sydney band “Wizard", Australian born singer-songwriter guitarist Dion Palumbo first hit the UK shores of Liverpool back in 2003. Having previously & proactively explored the historic Liverpool & Manchester music scenes, the now London based PALUMBO is the driving force behind his own award-winning contemporary rock project and works as guitarist for Bangla folk star Shapla Salique.

in 2009 he was drawn to London to study production and arranging @ (LCCM). It was here where he was influenced to add 3 horns and two backing vocalists to the usual rock 4 piece, creating 9 piece extravaganza "Palumbo and the Funk", taking inspiration from James Brown and Frank Zappa. PATF became regulars on the London scene, headlining venues north and south of the Thames.

Palumbo and the Funk released award winning EP "Rock the Funk" in 2013 and album "All The Rage We Are" 2016 gathering much industry and music fan interest as well as regular airplay globally

In 2017 PALUMBO decided to streamline the lineup, leaving the horn section behind in favour of 2 guitars, bass and drums 5 piece rock n roll.

In 2019 PALUMBO embarked on an epic 16 song recording project with Bryan Ferry engineer Simon Willey.
“Tales From the Big Smoke” was recorded & produced @ Area 18 & Ashley Manor Studios (as well as remotely) during COVID 2020/21 lockdowns, and is being prepared for release.

BBC Introducing have been early champions along with Gary Crowley who described them as "a musical powerhouse" spinning single "Try it Out" Singles ‘Get It Right’, 'Freefall', 'This Thing' and 'Dawn is Rising' have received regular airplay globally from stations such as Shoreditch Radio, Boogaloo Radio, The Deuce Show, The Rock Emporium in L.A., and hosts of community radio. 'Get It Right' was voted number 1 for 3 weeks running on Dutch Station For The Love of Music in June 2016

PALUMBO has been a regular headline on the London live scene eg: Hootananny Brixton, The Borderline, Venue 229, The London Olympics 2012, as well as frequently performing inspired tunes internationally in Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Zagreb, Warsaw, Malmo, Toronto, Dallas, Washington DC, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne.

As a day job he has trained and developed his own brand of music therapy regularly conducting therapeutic music workshops in dementia care homes, psychiatric wards, mental health & disability centres in London.

Taking a cue from Frank Zappa, the live band is booked based on availability, or he goes out solo acoustic with guitar, voice, harmonica and stomp box.

PALUMBO pays tribute to the great artists of our time, many of whom he has crossed paths with, & aspires to inspire audiences around the world with his passionate interpretation both live & on radio.

DISCOG: Cosmic Saga (2001), Moons Ago (2002), ThemBones (2007), Rock the Funk (2013), All The Rage We Are (2017)

NEW ALBUM COMING SOON 2021 - Tales From The Big Smoke


  • “A musical powerhouse” - Gary Crowley BBC Introducing

**"Palumbo" knows how to entertain a crowd, pumping out original songs full of old skool influenced soul grooves with hints of reggae and rock . An added treat with this band is a real horn section" - Discovery Talent (OFFICIAL)

*** Dion Palumbo will be Ross M Fear’s studio guest on Alive 90.5 fm Australian Spectrum Show 9 pm Tuesday 17 January previewing his soon to be released, in Australia & the UK, his new single and album.

"Dion Palumbo is a singer, song writer and guitarist originally from Perth, then Sydney and now based in London, UK, performing around the English and European music scene with visits back home in Australia for some select performances. He has performed with his mother, Ann Palumbo’s groups Urban Excentrics and RAPT as well with various rock groups including Wizard. Dion is Winner of the 'Jazz/Funk/Fusion EP' section at the 13th Independent Music Awards (THE IMAS) 2014.

Dion will be performing live on radio as well we will feature tracks from his new album and past releases." ***

**** Winner of the “Jazz / Fusion EP” section of the 13th Independent Music Awards with debut EP “ROCK THE FUNK” (2014) ****

Andy Cavendish (Promoter - An Alternative Gathering)

Got to know Dion about 5 years ago, so I put on a funk night at T.Chances and invited them to play, they were still known as Palumbo and the Funk at the time. The evening was pretty quiet and then out of nowhere about 50 - 60 people turned up to see them, a full 9 piece with horns and backing singers, they put on the most amazing set. They've now slimmed down and have moved towards more classic rock but still keep a funky undertone. This is my favourite song of theirs, an absolute classic in my opinion that somehow takes me back to mid 70's New York, have a listen. SINGLE FROM "ALL THE RAGE WE ARE" GET IT RIGHT - PALUMBO

This House
Winners Grinners
Sweetie Song
Hard To Please
Stupid Games
This Thing
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