"On Summer Nights"

On summer nights
when I can't sleep,
I will open my window
and listen to the trees

The way that they speak,
placid observers swaying
in the emptiness of night,
sage gestures that
carry the wind and
remind me to breathe.

Here, I have learned that
through any anxiety,
there lies a silver lining of peace

and my darling, I understand that
this may not always be the
easiest thing to see

but on this night, I'd love for you
To stay up and sit with me.

"Coming Home Felt Like the Next Chapter"

Everything's out on the table now
the shutters are open
and I am writing
summer songs in the
wintertime, praising the sun that
continues to shine even when
I feel so unbearably cold

There is a
constancy in change that
makes darkness so exciting
and there is a promise
in your eyes that
makes this distance

Everything's out on the table now
and the breeze echoes your name,
weeping for each wasted day
like every second spent thinking
of you is a lifetime of its own,
a personality that will come and go

Fooled by a beautiful memory
and told that things will be better
when we are grown

Believe me,
this life is yours for the taking.

"I want you"

May your arms never carry
The full weight of my existence

May you never sink into a
borrowed feeling that overwhelms you,

I have tried my best to keep
them to myself, but I know it is not without fail.

I want, with everything I am,
To lift you up

I want, when the sun comes,
To feel completely changed

I want you to be proud.

I want you to feel loved.

I want you, completely.

"A Good Way"

I got lost in a good way
when the mountains
called my name
and drowned out the
sound of cars
on a distant highway

I felt the autumn air
fill my lungs and
sting my face while
I stood in awe,
almost enough to
forget I could belong
to anything other than
than this day.

Here, sunlight
finds its way through
the canopy and rests
on your arms as we
lie drunk on our daydreams
of different worlds
through Different eyes.
Each second of our fantasy
lasting forever
and echoing through
the white noise of our busy lives.

I got lost in a good way
and if It taught me anything
I have learned to hold onto
moments like these
until we die
and the importance
of waking up early enough,
if only to watch you rise.

"I Stayed up to Watch the Sunrise"

How beautiful you look
through the filter of a summer love
well it's gonna burn and burn
and I'll come out the same.
I stayed up last night
to watch the sun rise from up above
and I didn't feel lonely anymore

it felt like love.

“Passing resolution"

Our lives built on top of one moment
one passing thought that
would change the way
we understand ourselves
and the beautiful future
we see in each other.

I have fallen in love with
the way that I never found
the right words to say and
the feeling that makes
me forget I have places to be
and things to create that can't
quite seem to capture
what I intend
and It keeps me searching

To stay here with you
I'd be permanently content
and to leave with you I'd
be ready to live again
I honestly mean it
more than anything I've ever meant

Take this rubble of moments
that You've built into something
I will forever be proud of.
It all became yours the moment
you found me there.

Take this night by the starlit
water under the same golden sky
that watched us stumble alone
for so long. Believe in something
worth fighting for.

For now, It's all that matters.
You showed me what I wanted
and taught me that this kind
of love isn't just a passing
resolution but
a beautiful
way to

there are insecurities
that everyone hides
but my darling
every once in a while
you let one show
and all I see is a
Beautiful piece of your soul

And it shines and shines.

“House in Maine/Letting Go"

I will visit ghosts
that will eat away at
who I remember you to be

And when I remember one thing
it will suddenly lead to the next
until I am back at
our house in Maine
in that last summer
on that last beautiful day
Tumbling towards goodbye
sitting on a blanket
under the long tired shadows
of the pines

And then the
mercurial early morning
waking next to the shore
sand in my eyes, stepping on embers
sensing an end, feeling the weight
of loss on my shoulders,
still somehow feeling safe in
the fragments of your presence

I will revisit ghosts
and hold on to this illusion
that I have preserved my dreams,
That I can carry on
living a dual existence.

One, here, alone.

The other on that beautiful,
wonderful morning that
won't let us worry.
The water is warm and I am
watching the Small waves
crash against your ankles
and I am completely surrounded
by the love we created.
Today, It really shows.

It's all that I am.

"the right thing"

It's so easy to feel safe
from a distance
It's so easy to convince myself
that you never left
That you never realized
you needed something else
Like I was the sunlight
reminding you how beautiful
I can be when the clouds
roll away and the distance
is painfully clear.
It's 3:30 am and I miss the life
I left behind when we promised
to do the right thing.