We started jamming on Nirvana covers back in 2007, but soon after Victor Cruz joined in on bass.That same year the band recorded 2 demo tracks in the studio -""youth"" and ""national submission"" fruits of pure improvisation and good vibes between friends/bandmembers.

As this grew the band began to solidify their music and focus on live shows. Since then they have played in many local venues such as La [2] Apolo Nitsa Club, Sidecar, Moog, Monasterio, BeGood, Jazz Cava (Vic), and Festival Hoteler 2011 and Spring Break 2013 and had the chance to play with bands like Die! Die! Die!, Der Ventilator, Crash Normal, Cuzo, Ohios, PiƱata, Zephyr Lake, Subfobias, Nerobambola, Univers and many other well-known in the Barcelona underground scene.

In 2010 they met Carlos Alvarez , a SAE student who first became their producer and later their manager. He recorded, mixed and produced the first LP, which took a year to be completely finished, and was mastered at Hit Makers Studio by Marco Rostagno.

""JC/29 "" was completely self-released in October 2012, and as their premier work soaks up the sweat, pain and blood of NITCH, It's been DIY' ly released in two parts or two EPs: First part on a transparent cassette tape by the hand Boston Pizza Records released in May 2012 as an advance of the whole LP. Second part on a black vinyl 10" with handcrafted Silk-Screened covers released with the full-length LP in October 2012. All these Songs are also available on iTunes and Spotify.

In April 2014 they released a new EP called 'ATWA', which single 'GOD KNOWS' is available for free at their Bandcamp or SoundCloud.

NITCH, are Helio, Victor, Bruno and you.