A night to launch Cormorance the third graphic novel from Nick Hayes.

The launch will be held at The Hive on the Kingsland Road, a not for profit space that enables the temporary use of empty buildings for social good. There will be a tasty vegan stew served for every ticket holder, included in the fee, and the night will focus around a special live performance from Various Guises.

Nick Hayes is an illustrator, graphic novelist and political cartoonist for the New Statesman and the Guardian Newspaper (www.foghornhayes.com). His first graphic novel, The Rime of the Modern Mariner was a retelling of the Coleridge classic, set in the swirling morass of plastic waste in the North Pacific Gyre. His second book, Woody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl Ballads was an account of the American prairie grass devastated by industrial farming, told through the prism of the iconic american folk singer’s early life. His third book, Cormorance,will be launched on the night and is a story about two children that meet in a deserted reservoir, populated by a colony of Cormorants.

Various Guises are a London based duo of Maya McCourt on cello and Blanche Ellis on guitar, banjo and washboard. They play original music inspired by the music of the Appalachian mountains, New Orleans blues and English and European traditional music, creating an eerie, enigmatic sound of close knit harmony and stomping feet.

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