Never Coming Home was formed at School of Rock in the Spring of 2019 through friendships made from a heartfelt act of kindness, and a hard hitting kick to the face.

When fellow SOR guitarist Aidan Sullivan started missing practice, front-man Anthony Hefler took notice and cared enough to find out why. When Anthony learned of the recent passing of Aidan’s father, he immediately purchased tickets for the both of them to go see Aidan’s favorite band in concert. Only two months later, the pair discussed starting a band.

That same week, a crowd surfing Anthony Hefler’s foot made its fateful collision with the jaw of local concert-goer, Merritt Cathers. The ensuing apology gave way to conversation, and just a few hours later, Never Coming Home gained a drummer.

Last but certainly not least, the trio welcomed the addition of bassist Derek Lane-Bell, resident beard-haver of School of Rock. And with that, Never Coming Home took shape.

Only a month after conception, and with only 3 songs written, Anthony took the bold step of booking the bands first ever show in Providence. The band spent the following month writing songs to fill the rest of the setlist, and proceeded to play their first show in the Summer of 2019.

While COVID-19 haunted the production and roll out of the bands first studio-made songs, the quartet rallied at first light to produce their first ever music video for their single, South Station, premiering in the summer of 2021.

Since then, Never Coming Home has continued to grow an audience, balancing time on stage and time in the studio. Their hard hitting pop-punk sound is defined by catchy riffs, explosive drums, and dynamic vocal performance.