Neil Cowley Trio announce the release of Spacebound Apes and their only London show of 2016 at the Union Chapel on October 27th Spacebound Apes is a concept album. A delectable, inspiring story woven together with some of the most breathtaking music that pianist/composer Neil Cowley has created. “This is a project 'I've been working towards for a long time” he says, “it takes in themes of guilt, loss and longing with a few twists along the way. It’s been utterly immersive yet incredibly exciting. And yes, I’m not ashamed to say it, it’s a concept album!” Ultimately, Cowley has created a glorious soundtrack to a magical, thought-provoking tale. The story will be revealed over the coming months culminating in the album release and this show. “It sounds a bit cryptic, but hopefully everyone will come along for the ride”. Widely acclaimed as a dazzling composer of dynamic and cinematic music, here, he reaches for the sky in an ambitious multi layered outing and musically confident statement, to present quite possibly his crowning glory. From start to finish, Spacebound Apes is an exercise in atmosphere and emotion. Hypnotic passages create heart-pounding suspense while sweet, whispered themes create heart-shattering empathy. Bold, bombastic tunes create drama, and in a departure from Cowley and his trio’s more usual acoustic setting, electronics orchestrate desolation and despair. And while the inclusion of a choir brings an emotional depth of mammoth proportions, it’s the epic finale that stuns and silences.

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