Shore Crab - Neil Thomson

Shore Crab

A unique collection of the poetry of Gerry cambridge set to music by Neil Thomson.


Shore Crab was originally released in 2005 and included recordings of poems written by Gerry Cambridge titled Madam Fi Fi’s Farewell, Shorecrab and Thought of Snow.

Since this time Neil Thomson has set music to further poems written by Gerry and reissued Shorecrab to include the new compositions.

Two original recordings from the 2005 release remain; Madam Fi Fi’s Farewell and Thought of Snow.

Four new recordings are included; Fallen Maple Leaves, Snawdraps and Gem Anemone from Gerry’s 1999 book of poems, Nothing but Heather! and Minister of Air from his 2003 publication Madam Fi Fi’s Farewell and other poems.

In addition Shore Crab has been re-recorded for the new release and The Nature of Burns from Nothing but Heather! originally featuring on Neil's 2001 release, Common Ground, has been added.

I hope you enjoy listening to the result, which finally brings together a unique collection of Gerry’s delightful poems set to music.

Mind o Shug the Claw!