'The Mouses Album' - Released September 23rd 2016 on Sister 9 Recordings. Buy 'The Mouses Album' 12" Vinyl/40 Page Book + Download HERE.

"Packed full of youthful exuberance, their debut is bursting at seams with all the vigour and vitality of being a 20-something, effortlessly balancing it against the anxiety and neurosis that comes packaged with it. Essential listening.' - CLASH (Full Review)

"...this is a debut that can be described as nothing less than wholly exhilarating - Mouses have cemented their well-earned stance within every single alternative playlist from now until the end of time." - NARC (Full Review)

"...a fantastic, unapologetically genuine debut album..." - NE:MM (Full Review)

Second Single 'Hollywood' - Released July 29th 2016 on Sister 9 Recordings. Download 'Hollywood' HERE.

" good we played it twice." - Huw Stephens

"Mouses don’t mess around. Gritty, screeching rock - ‘Hollywood’ is a perfect introduction to their million mile an hour pace." - DIY (Full Review)

"...a wonderfully off kilter, contagiously surreal gem." - CLASH (Full Review)

Debut Single 'Poison' - Released May 6th 2016 on Sister 9 Recordings Download 'Poison' HERE.

"A three-minute blast of primal lo-fi rock, with an infectious hook and boundless energy..." - NARC Magazine (Full Review)

"Fuzz–fuelled to the extreme, ‘Poison’ makes for one hell of a contagious listen." - In the Junk Yard Music (Full Review)

"...Mouses have crafted a hyperactive three-minute blast of distorted garage punk - it’s pretty delightful." Bang The Drum (Full Review)

"...the most cheerful and danceable backdrop to a story of addiction I've heard in many a year..." - NE Volume Magazine (Full Review)

"If you are into loud and eccentric, then Mouses are certainly the band you should be listening to." - Moon Child (Full Review)

"...a whirlpool of distorted guitar and fuzzy vocals, invigorating the track with a relentless energy." - Sounds of an Eccentric (Full Review)

The 2nd Mouses EP - Released March 2015. Download 'The 2nd Mouses EP' HERE.

"Their sound is rough and raw – they play their instruments hard and heavy like petulant teenagers, and Bardgett’s dirty, muffled vocals are reminiscent of the Strokes. Noisy, energetic and completely original, it won’t be long before Mouses are moving out of Teesside, and into the highs of British rock. - The Bike and Rose (Full Review)

Mouses EP - Released July 2014. Download the 'Mouses' EP HERE.

“One of my favourite EPs of 2014 and one which I feel is a great example of the really exciting undercurrent of young new bands emerging in the North East at the moment. Mouses are a two piece band from Teesside who appear to have been reared exclusively on spiky punk records. Their self-titled EP is a snotty, urgent and truly invigorating quarter of an hour, and their live shows are little riots too. They’re currently one of the region’s best kept secrets, but I suspect that might not be the case for too long.”Drowned in Sound


"The band are famed for their jaw-dropping and energetic performances, seeing Mouses live is nothing short of breath-taking." - Louder Than War (Full Review)

"...both exhausting and thrilling to watch in equal measure." - NARC (Full Review)

"Engaging in an aesthetic as abrasive as it is melodic, they deliver a set which is equally stimulating and forthright, a determined tour de force which captivates and excites..." - Liverpool Sound City (Full Review)

"The band offer a one of a kind, intimate and purely joyful gig experience I haven’t found in any other band thus far." - NE Volume Magazine (Full Review)

"... another jaw dropping set - further proof that Mouses are one of the North Easts finest.” - Louder Than War (Full Review)

“But what really stuck - was their interaction with the crowd. It was more than just the audience singing along to the most well-known songs. It was more than just them singing the words like they were etched into their heads and hearts. This is a connection rooted in - their genuine appreciation of anyone who supports them.” - Teesside Cat (Full Review)

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