Anna Haara Kristoferson (vocals/synth) Moa Papillon (vocals/guitar) Andrea Muller (vocals/bass) Alex Burke (guitar) Roberto Conigliaro (Drums)

"Hypnotic bass lines ripple under thick layers of heady, reverb-soaked shoegaze guitars as Anna Haara Kristoferson, Moa Papillon and Andrea Muller harmonise like the kind of nonchalant sirens who, once they've drawn you onto the rocks, couldn't be fucked to give you the time of day." – NME

''Looking Glass delivers surprisingly catchy pop grooves which are there to find amongst the mesmerizing 
forest of music that Lust create.'' - London on the inside

''Looking Glass is a beautiful slice of dreamy guitar pop, it’s a bit Warpaint sounding, which is 
obviously a very good thing!'' - BEAT Magazine

''Looking Glass’ excels in the genre of hazy dream-pop with its mesmerizing drive and spectral harmonies reminiscent of the sounds of Stereolab or even Broadcast.'' - Frock & Roll Magazine

''There’s a certain sense of otherness about LUST; mainly emanating from Anna Haara Kristoferson and Moa Popillion’s ghostly harmonies which float through a yearning soundscape of guitars and synth.'' - Hooting & Howling Magazine

‘’Lazy, hazy, psychedelic guitar pop from seriously talented new London five-piece set to do some damage this year.’’ – This Feeling

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