SASQUATCH - Keychain/Ornament

Australia Tour Fundraiser - Cut and polished steel Sasquatch

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You've found him! This ornament captures the mythological creature Sasquatch, as made famous in Luke's 'Polarized' music video, and will be the talk of your water cooler cryptozoology group. Fabricated here in our Northwest headquarters, SASQUATCH is cut from steel and hand-polished.

Take part in the age old holiday favorite "Hide the Squatch!' On Christmas morning listen to your loved ones squatch call and tree knock while they stake out the Christmas tree with motion sensors. Give them the gift that animal planet promises but can't deliver: Finding Bigfoot. You can even buy 5 of them and make a Yeti Yard wind Chime!

Before there was hipster, there was janitor. If Santa Clause isn't your thing, pick up this SQUATCH for your janitor styled key ring. Let the watcher of the wood watch over your 4 and a half pound collection of bicycle lock and shed keys. You will sleep soundly knowing your stockpile of belt chimes are safe.

FREE SHIPPING to USA. Rough Dimensions: 4" x 3"

*The sales of this product will be going to Luke's Australia Tour this April 2015 where he will be playing Easterfest among other dates. *