A physical copy of both WEST and the deluxe edition of NORTH for a slight discount!

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    Physical Copy of WEST

    WEST is the 1st of the 4EP Compass project. The album is both experimental and a return to Dowler's core songwriting. Each copy comes autographed. Videos of the songs can be found here:

    Reviews: "And so ‘West’ seems to show a new ‘all grown up’ version of Luke Dowler. Luke has discovered his groove, his soul and his heart and this is the most complete album from Luke yet." Screaming Goose

    "his EP is a good look at what is to come from Luke Dowler in the future, and shows his talent very well"** Indie Vision Music **

    "The five song project is part emotional stripped down compositions, part experimental progression." IAMTUNEDUP

    "A true singer-songwriter with a penchant for churning out passionate, thought-provoking originals, Dowler is an artist who always captures my attention." RARASFARM

    This bundle also includes:


    11 Track Limited Deluxe Edition

    *NORTH *is the second album in Luke Dowler's 4-EP Collection. The first, WEST was met with excitement from both fans and critics. NORTH uses piano as an underbed with selective guitar work more than any other of Dowler's previous work. The album showcases Luke's ability to paint inside the genre of rock and roll with the finer strokes of a singer songwriter. Like any good songwriters, Dowler again blurs his inspirations - like the movie Flight Of The Navigator, Tom Sawyer, Montana and James Dean with his personal relationships and experiences.

    This LIMITED Deluxe Edition includes unreleased tracks, rarities and demo versions of NORTH songs. 'Darker Days' was featured on CBS show Without A Trace. There are only 65 copies for sale, and each one come autographed.

    NORTH (Deluxe Edition) Track Listing

    • King Of Fools
    • You Are My Home
    • Orphan Spirit
    • The Edge
    • North Star
    • Off We Go
    • This Town
    • Darker Days
    • I'm On Your Side
    • North Star (demo)
    • Off We Go (demo)