SHORT BIO The Latvian rock quartet Laime Pilnīga embodies a rocknroll dream by combining elements of energetic vocals, groovy rhythm section and saturated electric guitars. Fueled by true passion and outstanding musicianship each of four members owns the stage when it comes to defining the band`s live performance.

MEMBERS Ervīns Ramiņš (vocals) Mārcis Vasiļevskis (guitar) Jānis Olekšs (bass, vocals) Elvijs Mamedovs (drums)

RELEASES Single “Hey Babe” (2007) Single and music video “Im in love with money” (2008) Single “We are prayin” (2008) Single and music video "Sirdsapziņa" (2009) Debut album “Dual” (Laime Pilnīga, 2011) Single and music video “Terror woman” (2011) Single and music video “On the road” (2013) Second album “LP” (Laime Pilnīga, 2015) Single "Black suited funeral people" (2015) Single "Apocalyptic intimacy" (2016) Title track "Kopā Brīvi" & "Hold On" for documentary film "Savējie Sapratīs" ("We Knew") (2016)

HIGHLIGHTS 2007 Special guest appearance in Latvian rock legend Perkons 25th anniversary concert (LV) Microphone Records “MicRec Open ”band competition: 1st place (LV)

2008 “Rock Legion” rock bands` competition: 1st place (LV) Performance at Coke Live Music Festival (PL) “Cocacola Soundwave” garage band competition: 1st place (LV) SONY/Nissan “Urband Playground” competition: 2nd place (LV) Performance at Be2gether Festival (LT)

2009 Warming up Mumiy Troll in Arena Riga (LV) Positivus Festival (LV) Baltic Beach Party (LV) Fonofest (LV) Rock Nights Festival (LT) Lelle Alternatiiv (EST)

2010 Rock Nights (LT) Bike Show Milennium (LT) Fonofest (LV)

2011 "Dual" album presentation VOLT Festival (HU) FonoFest (LV) Summersound Festival (LV) Debut album “Dual” among nominees of the annual Latvian Music Awards

2012 Positivus Festival (LV) FonoFest (LV) Summer sound Festival (LV) Galapagai Festival (LT)

2013 On The Road tour (LV, LT, EE) Balkan Youth Festival (BG) Galapagai Festival (LT) Positivus Festival (LV) Riga 2014 Festival (LV) Summer Sound Festival (LV)

2014 Warming up Red Dragon Cartel (HU) Roko Naktys (LT) Music video “On the road”: the best video of awards (LV)

2015 “LP” album presentation Positivus Festival (LV) LMT Summer Sound Festival (LV) Galapagai Festival (LT) FonoCesis Festival (LV) Word of Calculation tour (LV, LT, FI, SWE)

2016 Warming up Three Days Grace (LV) Blues Nights Festival (LT) FonoCesis Festival (LV) LMT Summer Sound Festival (LV) "Apocalyptic Intimacy" tour (NE, DE, LV) Album "LP" among nominees of the annual Latvian Music Awards

HAS SHARED STAGE WITH… The band have warmed-up - Three Days Grace, Anathema, Red Dragon Cartel, Mummiy Troll, Frank Turner, Skyforger and shared stage with many others.