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Entrepreneurship and the Music Industry

Karamel, London, GB

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Join Collage Arts with studio guests for insights and tips on how to develop as a music entrepreneur in the sector.

The music sector is a very significant contributor to the UK economy. It has a global reach. During the pandemic concerts stopped, but streaming service became more popular than ever. One in ten songs streamed worldwide is by a UK artist. The UK plays a massive role in the music recording sector, and performs well in terms of providing music for films and video games.

Rapid changes in technology drive by the 5G capabilities will create new options for collaboration. But, behind all this the sector needs a pipeline of innovative voices, highly specialist technicians and magnificent generalist who can drive the sector forwards

Wood Green in London has the highest concentrations of recording studio in the UK. It also has a lively live music scene. State education is providing less opportunities for young people to access music education or instrument tuition. ‘A’ levels in music are now much more common amongst student in the independent sector, which is impacting on the diversity of people getting formal music qualifications. The non-formal sectors are expanding, creating interesting new opportunities.

Join Collage Arts for Entrepreneurship and the Music Industry to work out how to push forward your plans to be part of the music sector. Duncan Sones will lead this session, he is the co-presenter of Hot Pursuits, the BBC’s breakthrough careers information programme. He has worked in the creative industries encouraging entrepreneurship for over 30 years.


Marc Williams, managing director, Oddchild Music, responsible for Labrinth, Etta Bond , Avelino, Moon Willis.

Pep Star, managing director, No Stars Studio, responsible for the Grime Studios in London and stars like Dave, Stomzy, Ghetts.

Managing talent:

Kimberly Dickson CEO Hyper Tribe – Championing diversity in music in the UK


Musician, Ghetts.

Facilitating others:

Programming: Preeti Dasgupta, Karamel

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