zerOclassikal Basement Sessions presents:

Aashna Sasikaran and Shyla Shanmugalingam

Karamel, London, GB

£6 adv/ £8 otd
Entry Requirements: 16+

A zerOclassikal double bill concert of Vocal music and Veena by two emerging female artists, Aashna Sasikaran and Shyla Shanmugalingam.

Aashna Sasikaran A young, passionate and rising Carnatic vocalist, Aashna represents a new generation of emerging talent. Leader of the National South Asian Youth Choir, Sabrang for two consecutive years and recently awarded Milapfest’s ‘Musician of the Year’, Aashna is a trailblazer for her generation and a solo artist not to be missed!

Shyla Shanmugalingam Playing on one of the oldest instruments within the Carnatic tradition, Shyla leads an innovative ensemble performance on the Saraswathy Veena. Inspired by her vocal training, combined with her talent and passion, Shyla’s vocal-style of playing is rich in gamakas and technical flair much influenced by maestro Veena Jayanthi Kumaresh.

Doors open 7pm, music starts 8pm.

The zerOclassikal project provides a platform for the next generation of South Asian classical artists/musicians who are based in the UK and is a partnership project of zerOculture and Collage Arts, funded by the Arts Council.