Troy Donockley & Dave Bainbridge: When Worlds Collide CD


When World's Collide is the second release from Troy and Dave. The album features five tracks recorded live from the duo's gig at The Studio in Hartlepool in November 2003 and five newly recorded studio tracks. With a mix of Dave and Troy's take on several traditional tunes and new versions of tracks from Iona and Troy albums, this is a pleasing blend of the acoustic and dramatic soundscapes that the duo are renowned for.

Tracks: The Great Silkie of Sules Skerry Trip to Athlone/The Handsome Young Maidens When Worlds Collide Greenfields of Canada Edge of the World Bi-Se I Mo Shuil - Part Unconscious Conscious The Blacksmith/Banish Misfortune/Merrily Kiss the Quaker Tunnels