Iona: Journey Into The Morn + Unreleased Companion disc (2CD Set)


"Nobody should miss this journey into the wonderful Morning of Mornings." Bottomline Magazine (Holland), December 1995

"I'm no Christian, but then again I'm not a pagan either ... IONA are good ... the album washes over you, encircling you in it's beauty, pulling you ever closer to it's core ... " Silhobbit Magazine, December 1995

" undoubtedly Iona's most ambitious and visionary album ... the effect is at times stunning, as huge ethereal soundscapes ... rise up from the hi-fi speakers ... a beautiful album." Cross Rhythms Magazine, October/November 1995

"... a remarkable, brilliantly conceived collection of songs ... the ebb and flow of the recording shows a compositional integrity and scope hardly found in popular music." Shout! Magazine (USA), May 1996

Track Listing

CD 1

  1. Bi-Se I Mo Shuil - Part 1
  2. Irish Da
  3. Wisdom
  4. Everything Changes
  5. Inside My Heart
  6. Encircling
  7. Journey Into The Morn
  8. Lindisfarne
  9. No Heart Beats
  10. The Search
  11. Divine Presence
  12. Heaven's Bright Sun
  13. Bi-Se I Mo Shuil - Part 2
  14. When I Survey

CD 2 JOURNEY INTO THE MORN COMPANION AUDIO DISK Complete running order to be confirmed, but including:

  1. Bi-Se Pt1 Dave original demo
  2. Irish Day 1 Rehearsal/writing session version
  3. Irish Day 2 Rehearsal/writing session version
  4. Irish Day 3 Rehearsal/writing session version
  5. Irish Day 4 Rehearsal/writing session version
  6. Everything Changes Original, different, unreleased version, demo
  7. Inside My Heart Writing session version
  8. Encircling Dave's original demo
  9. Encircling 1 Acoustic Guitar idea, demo
  10. Encircling 2 Acoustic Guitar idea with rest of track, demo
  11. Encircling 3 Acoustic Guitars section Original demo
  12. Encircling 4 Acoustic Guitars section Original demo with keyboards
  13. Journey into the Morn Original writing session
  14. Journey into the Morn (2007 recording, featuring Roine Stolt)
  15. Lindisfarne Original writing session
  16. The Search Dave's original demo,
  17. Divine Presence Original demo
  18. Heaven’s Bright Sun End section original demo
  19. Heaven’s Bright Sun Dave's original full demo