Iona Edge of the World Live In Europe 2CD


Iona's first full-length live recording in 9 years! This double CD was recorded at various venues in the UK & The Netherlands during the band's 2012 Another Realm Tour. Featuring new member Martin Nolan on uilleann pipes and whistles, this recording really showcases the amazing chemistry between Frank van Essen (violin) and Dave Bainbridge (keys) in their incredible improvisations. Centred around Joanne Hogg's emotive voice, this live set also includes all the other elements that made Iona's live performances unique. Featuring the line up of Joanne Hogg, Dave Bainbridge, Frank van Essen, Martin Nolan, Phil Barker.

CD 1

  1. Irish Day
  2. Today
  3. Another Realm
  4. Jigs
  5. Edge of the World
  6. White Horse
  7. Luke - The Calf
  8. Wave After Wave
  9. Let the Waters Flow
  10. The Ancient Wells

CD 2

  1. Chi-rho
  2. Flight of the Wild Goose
  3. And the Angels Dance
  4. Ruach
  5. Divine Presence
  6. Let Your Glory Fall
  7. An Atmosphere of Miracles Part 3
  8. Castlerigg/Reels
  9. Bi-se I Mo Shuil, Part 2
  10. Columcille