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Guitar Artistry

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  • Each course contains seven video segments, 21 videos in all.
  • May be reviewed again and again
  • Duration of most videos is appx one hour.

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This bundle also includes:

MasterClass: SongWriting/ChantMaking (Offline/Audit Format)

Virtual Seven-Week Course

CLICK HERE to watch 'Introduction to MasterClass: SongWriting & ChantMaking'

Develop your songwriting and chantmaking skills with a celebrated innovator and recording artist in the field of universal chant.

For fifty years, across the contemporary spiritual singing landscape of America, Europe and Australia, Stillwater's songs and chants have been sung and recorded in countless gatherings. An award-winning songwriter with a focus on English chant- repeated choruses with infectious melody and rhythmic motifs- he discovers new material born from the endless harvest of intuitive songmaking.

Participants will have opportunity to refine their original songs by musical mentoring with Michael in the supportive atmosphere of an international gathering of aspiring and performing songwriters.

Playing an accompaniment instrument (guitar, ukulele, keyboard, harmonium, etc) is helpful but not required. Reading music notation is helpful but not required.

Duration: 7 Weeks, 90 minutes each class

This bundle also includes:

MasterClass: Intuitive SongMaking (Offline/Audit Format)

Virtual Seven-Week Course

*Experience Michael Stillwater's seven-week MasterClass. *

CLICK HERE to watch video 'Intuitive SongMaking- a Pathway of Reconnection'

Expand your creative musical horizons with a contemporary master of intuitive songmaking, discovering new possibilities of musical fulfilment as you open to the 'River of Song'.

For over forty years, award-winning songwriter, filmmaker and educator Michael Stillwater has created thousands of unique 'song portraits', musical reflections of the highest intentions of people from across the world. Each of his song portraits, while inspired by one person, honors universal qualities of the human spirit- kindness, innate wisdom, and self-acceptance.

An uncommon art, intuitive songmaking bestows benefit to both practitioner and recipient. When lyrics and melody unite to reflect a person's deepest intentions for healing and empowerment, the resulting song may be comforting, inspiring and restorative.

This program provides tools and techniques, practical guidance and opportunities for sharing your gift with others.

Each session includes essential keys which have contributed to Michael's success in the art of intuitive songmaking, as well as opportunities for each participant to have their own songmaking be witnessed, appreciated and further developed.

Michael Stillwater's MasterClass on Intuitive Songmaking will be uploaded on Vimeo. Those who register here at InnerHarmony Online will receive the Vimeo code to access all the classes and any additional audio or visual material provided to class participants.

Class is scheduled on Sundays from Sept 13 - October 25. Allow 24 hours after each class to access the recording.

This bundle also includes:

MasterClass: Guitar Artistry (Offline/Audit Format)

Virtual Seven-Week Course

CLICK HERE to watch 'Introduction to MasterClass: Guitar Artistry'

Develop your technique on the instrument; learn variations of accompaniment for your own singing and songmaking; further your songleading capacity.

Sail beyond standard strumming chords with melodic and soul-stirring finger-picking patterns suitable for inspiring songwriting and intuitive songmaking.

Chord patterns taught from Michael's extensive archive of intuitive songportraits, songs and chants. Learn to relax into guitar as a contemplative musical practice.

Duration: 7 Weeks, 90 minutes each class Video classes made available after each class (September 17- October 29, 2020)

Michael Stillwater is creator of the Stillwater Method, featuring his unique blend of folk, jazz, classical and rock styles.  His book, No Mind Guitar: Contemplative Practice on Six Strings, includes 78 exercises and patterns for beginning, intermediate and advanced players.   

As part of this Off-line course, you will receive a discount voucher for selected items from the Inner Harmony Shop, including No Mind Guitar: Contemplative Practice on Six Strings method book.

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