Stillwater Treasury of Song (pdf edition)

Songbook by Michael Stillwater, eBook Format

Treasury of Song Updated.pdf

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For those who enjoy songs with a universal spiritual theme, this songbook-anthology provides hours of solo and group enrichment.

Ideally suited for singers, soloists, music directors, song leaders who facilitate groups of all sizes, and anyone who loves affirmative, positive and transformative songs, this collection features 44 of Michael Stillwater's best-loved songs in an easy-to-use format. The songs are written in solo lead-sheet format with chords (for choral interpretation, a choral arrangement would be required, not included)

Comments about Stillwater Treasury Songbooks:

“Michael has created a most accessible journey. All we have to do is jump on board and take the ride.” -Deva Premal and Miten, Recording Artists

"Stillwater's songs create a portal into the vibration of loving kindness itself. The music invites you to open your heart and let out your own song of life." -Claire Victor, Music Director, Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, CA

"What a beautiful and useful treasury of Michael's great body of chant work. Every church music director should have this collection in their library."-Rev. Eric O'del, Amazing Grace Spiritual Center

"As a choir director and songleader I have used Michael's inspiring chants for the last 20 years in Germany, England and other countries. Their quality of connecting with our spiritual destination and with each others' hearts is truly a blessing."-Raaja Fischer, Hamburg, Germany

"Dein digitales Liederbuch ist wunderbar gegliedert und die Noten gut für Gitarre gesetzt, ich kann direkt loslegen und spielen. Meine TeilnehmerInnen und ich lieben Deine Lieder." -Brigitte Schmitz, Liedermacherin und Chantingleiterin/ Düsseldorf, Germany

"A beautiful anthology of chants helping singers strengthen their power of selfhealing and wellbeing. We love to sing Michael's songs in our psychiatric hospital and see many benefits for our patients."-Wolfgang Bossinger, music therapist, Founder of Singing Hospitals

"'Treasury' is the perfect word here - the undisputed chantmaster is sharing something amazing. Ministries, you need this in your library. In fact, for those who don't yet have a library, having this collection is the right way to start." -Erin McGaughan, Music Director, Seattle Unity

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