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Customized Song Recording


CLICK HERE to watch 'Intuitive Song with Michael Stillwater'

A masterful intuitive artist, Michael Stillwater creates original and evocative songs through voice and guitar, responding individually to each song recipient. From 1980 he has shared this gift with thousands of people of all ages around the world- in private sessions, seminars, conferences, classrooms, churches, hospitals and hospices.

For you to have a sense of the sound and quality of his intuitive songs, you may listen to the albums Stillwater, The Honoring, or BirthSongs. The songs are remarkably complete, attuned to the essence of each recipient (note: the original songportrait recordings of 'Stilwater' and 'The Honoring' are arranged with instrumental and vocal harmonies).

CLICK HERE to watch 'The Art of Intuitive Songmaking'

In a Zoom session or over the phone (one hour in length), in response to your essential themes, unique songs are created, spontaneously. You may ask for anything or state a personal intention- for healing, empowerment, self-acceptance, relationship, release, liberation- whatever may be beneficial for your life.

“Uniting the heartful intention of the recipient
and the intuitive listening of the artist
with the transforming power of music.”

Songs are recorded as an extension, reinforcement and archive of the experience. The recording, sent afterward as mp3 files via email, provides an ongoing ‘music medicine’ for whenever a recipient wishes to reconnect to the songs.

An attractive lyric booklet transcribed from the songs created during the SongPortrait may be ordered: CLICK HERE to order.

To schedule a songportrait session, register here and you will be contacted via email to arrange the best time for your session.

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