No Mind Guitar: Contemplative Practice on Six Strings

The Stillwater Method, Book One (PDF version)

Stillwater Guitar Method Book.pdf

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Enter a doorway into endless hours of contemplative practice and creative enjoyment with 'No Mind Guitar'.

Featuring 76 original guitar pieces, patterns vary from simple to moderately challenging, accessible to anyone with an interest in improving their guitar playing skills.

Each pattern is written in standard notation as well as guitar tablature. Standard chord symbols and fretboard diagrams are included for most patterns.

'No Mind Guitar' offers numerous exercises combining open strings with moving chords moving up and down the neck, using repeated picking patterns, allowing for developing both left and right-hand dexterity.

"Great new creative possiblities! Everything is technically clear and accessible, allowing me to try out new sounds and expand the spectrum of my guitar accompaniments. To my delight I found patterns which I don't usually use, but which can easily integrate into new songs of my own. I will be using this!"

Mark Fox, singer/songwriter and author, True Voice

Starting slow and gradually building up to a faster tempo, you may find exercises which first appear as arduous transform into contemplative relaxation.

The key to learning with joy is continuous kindness to yourself as 'mistakes' are released each moment and you begin anew once again. Nowhere to get to, other than being present to the process. Listening closely to the sounds emerging from your fingers on the strings.

"Michael Stillwater’s No Mind Guitar, Contemplative Music on Six Strings is a gem of a book, ready to be discovered by any aspiring guitarist who wants to take it to the next level. The suggestions, patterns and extended pieces opened my eyes and ears to a new world, beyond chords, beyond soloing riffs, and into a place where the guitar became an extension of my deepest desire for expression and the peace of beautiful music from within. I anticipate years of delight and skill building with this book, plus the video and online instruction that Michael hosts. I am so delighted to have this guidance, and am sure you will be too."

Peter Gibb Author, Speaker, Teacher, Coach Mindful Conversation

• As an alternative to printing the PDF book (100 plus pages), downloading to your tablet may be a convenient way to read the music for your playing sessions.

• A video instruction series corresponding to the book is in development. View the first video installment, featuring the first six Legendaria pieces (Demonstration Video #1), by clicking on title below video. To order the seven-video offline MasterClass on Guitar Artistry, go here. .

• A further book in development focuses on harmonic patterns often used in Michael's intuitive songs, especially of interest to inspire those learning to accompany themselves while singing intuitive, spontaneous songs

About the Composer:

With over 40 years experience as guitarist, songwriter, performer, recording artist and teacher, Michael Stillwater's approach draws from classical, jazz, folk and rock styles. In the 60’s he studied guitar with jazz legend Frank Mullen and rock virtuoso Nils Lofgren; in the 70’s at University of Oregon School of Music with lessons from George Sakellariou (protogé of Andrés Segovia) and private studies with Duke Ellington arranger W.A. Mathieu. This is Stillwater's first of several guitar method books.

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