Grace In Practice

Clinical Applications for Graceful Passages (E-book)

Grace In Practice

Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying is an award-winning audio resource in use by individuals, families and healthcare professonals, designed to enhance the spiritual and psycho-social dimensions of healing and acceptance.

Grace in Practice: Clinical Applications for Graceful Passages helps clinicians and caregivers integrate Graceful Passages into the daily challenges and opportunities presented in a hospital, hospice, nursing facility or homecare setting.

Together, these resources provide a unique and powerful method for enriching the experience of those dealing with serious illness.

“By the very nature of change, passages are not usually embraced gracefully. Life threatening illness and death present opportunities for resolution, forgiveness and peace. Graceful Passages is a guiding light which helps one to navigate through the darkness, mystery and fear surrounding issues of transition, death and dying. Let the words and music of Graceful Passages open your heart and comfort your soul.”

Stephen Hosea, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine
Santa Barbara, CA

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