Tory and Mary have been together for 6 years, and have been creating music for 10. Here's how they got here: Meeting in school at 15, they began life as a 4 piece girl group, Indigo Jam, playing gigs around their home town of Halesworth in Suffolk.

At 16 they had the opportunity to play the Rock Lobster Stage at Lattitude festival, and in later years, Tory played again in a different band.

After the break up of Indigo Jam, they formed another band called Madames et Moinseur, playing around Norwich and London.

During this time Tory and Mary both attended university, which meant they had to focus less on their music for a few years, this being said Tory did collaborate and star in a short musical while at University, and the pair continued to gig whenever possible. Upon leaving university they moved in together in Nottingham, and have recently moved back to Norwich. A short while after graduating, they decided to focus on their music full time and Hot Raisin was born!

Now gigging around the UK, Hot Raisin are a pop-folk musical adventure.

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