HOO HAs - EP 10" vinyl - HOO HAs

HOO HAs - EP 10" vinyl

HOO HAs debut self-titled EP - out 29th July 2016


HOO HAs' first ever physical release.

Side a


This is the new me

Side b

Tipex Jeans

Tonight I put her to sleep

All tracks composed and performed by Handover, Thorne, Driver and Sullivan.

Track 1 and 4 mixed by Richard James Audio. Track 2 and 3 mixed by Dan Cox at Urchin Studios. All tracks mastered by Barry Grint at Alchemy Mastering. Track 1 recorded by Simon Nilsson at Fat Tank. Track 2, 3 and 4 recorded by Davide Salvietti. Artwork by Evangeline Armstrong Clarke, Jamie Handover and Mark Thorne.