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Sam Airey - In Darkened Rooms (CD Album)

Sam Airey's debut album in digipack CD


Sam Airey's debut album, to be released 26/5/2017. CD digipack with beautiful artwork from photographer Sam Bond.

Tracklisting: 1. Camera Lens 2. Epitaph 3. In The Morning 4. Endless Sea 5. The Flood 6. The Blackout 7. Lacuna 8. Station Approach 9. Wythe Avenue 10. Stars 11. Nantucket

“Wonderful music…his songs are deep and beautiful and sound effortless. Prepare to fall in love with Sam Airey” - Huw Stephens, BBC Radio One

“A voice that brings the world to a standstill…Bon Iver more when Justin was making music in a shack or Ryan Adams before he got sober and happy” - Sean Adams, Drowned In Sound