Sam Airey - A Marker & A Map (CD EP) - Hide & Seek Records

Sam Airey - A Marker & A Map (CD EP)

Four track CD from Sam Airey


“I rate his songs a lot, they're deep and beautiful and sound effortless.” Huw Stephens, BBC Radio One

“A voice that brings the world to a standstill...Bon Iver more when Justin was making music in a shack or Ryan Adams before he got sober and happy.” Sean Adams, DrownedinSound

“A beautiful, effortless voice containing just a hint of huskiness, Sam Airey’s music soothes and calms.” Clash

Produced & mixed by whiskas (35BPC). Mastered by Tom Woodhead (Hippocratic Mastering). Artwork designed by Cameron Steward (Two Ducks Disco).