Post War Glamour Girls - Swan Songs (White Vinyl) - Hide & Seek Records

Post War Glamour Girls - Swan Songs (White Vinyl)

The band's third studio album on Swan White vinyl


First pressing of 'Swan Songs' on Swan White vinyl. Limited to 400 copies. The third studio album from the band, to be released 21/4/2017.

  1. Guiding Lights
  2. Chipper
  3. Gull Rips A Worm To Rags
  4. Organ Donor
  5. Big Trip
  6. Pollyanna Cowgirl
  7. Golden Time
  8. Sea Of Rains
  9. Welfare By Prozac
  10. Divine Decline

HSR024. Recorded at Sunset Studios, Skerray, Scotland. Produced, Engineered and Mixed by J.Lockhart + L.Smith. Mastered by A.Wharton at Abbey Road Studios, London. Artwork by T.Davidson. All music by B.Clyde, A.Scott, J.Smith, J.Thorpe-Jones. All lyrics by James Smith. Additional Strings by J.Lockhart. Additional Synths by L.Smith.