Post War Glamour Girls - Pink Fur (Vinyl) **SOLD OUT** - Hide & Seek Records

Post War Glamour Girls - Pink Fur (Vinyl) **SOLD OUT**

Post War Glamour Girls' critically acclaimed debut album on 12 inch.

Sold Out

"PWGG have sculpted not just a great record, but an incredibly important one." **** The405

"It’s an album, which is the perfect riposte to the veritable tsunami of vacant Brit-School electro-soul arse-wankery which seems to have clogged up music blogs and ‘tastemaker’ lists of late. Post War Glamour Girls prove there is an intelligent, challenging and utterly compelling alternative." (9.5/10) Andy Von Pip

"An unequivocal triumph, ‘Pink Fur’ is an album to get excited about." (10/10) WhisperinandHollerin

"Pink Fur contains more than enough sections to make one lose ones shit" **** The Line of Best Fit

"what makes this band stand out is the raw power of their performances – the ten tracks on Pink Fur explode from the speakers with a gut-churning intensity" Yorkshire Evening Post

"they’ve delivered an album that’s pretty close to perfection" (9/10) Shout4Music

"this is a musically accomplished, multi-layered affair, which lends itself to - nay demands - listening again and again" (9/10) Leeds Music Scene

  1. Sestra
  2. Little Land
  3. Red Terror
  4. Stolen Flowers Rust
  5. Service Station Blues
  6. Lightbulb
  7. Powdered Milk Asylum
  8. Black Dolphin
  9. Jazz Funerals
  10. Brat