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Post War Glamour Girls - CD Album Bundle

Includes Post War Glamour Girls' Pink Fur, Feeling Strange and Swan Songs albums.

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    This bundle also includes:

    Post War Glamour Girls - Swan Songs (CD Album)

    Pre-order the band's third studio album on CD

    Digipack CD of the third studio album from the band, to be released 21/4/2017.

    1. Guiding Lights
    2. Chipper
    3. Gull Rips A Worm To Rags
    4. Organ Donor
    5. Big Trip
    6. Pollyanna Cowgirl
    7. Golden Time
    8. Sea Of Rains
    9. Welfare By Prozac
    10. Divine Decline

    HSR024 Recorded at Sunset Studios, Skerray, Scotland Produced, Engineered and Mixed by J.Lockhart + L.Smith Mastered by A.Wharton at Abbey Road Studios, London Artwork by T.Davidson All music by B.Clyde, A.Scott, J.Smith, J.Thorpe-Jones All lyrics by J.Smith Additional Strings by J.Lockhart Additional Synths by L.Smith

    This bundle also includes:

    Post War Glamour Girls - Pink Fur (CD Album)

    Post War Glamour Girls' critically acclaimed debut album on CD.

    "PWGG have sculpted not just a great record, but an incredibly important one." **** The405

    "It’s an album, which is the perfect riposte to the veritable tsunami of vacant Brit-School electro-soul arse-wankery which seems to have clogged up music blogs and ‘tastemaker’ lists of late. Post War Glamour Girls prove there is an intelligent, challenging and utterly compelling alternative." (9.5/10) Andy Von Pip

    "An unequivocal triumph, ‘Pink Fur’ is an album to get excited about." (10/10) WhisperinandHollerin

    "Pink Fur contains more than enough sections to make one lose ones shit" **** The Line of Best Fit

    "what makes this band stand out is the raw power of their performances – the ten tracks on Pink Fur explode from the speakers with a gut-churning intensity" Yorkshire Evening Post

    1. Sestra
    2. Little Land
    3. Red Terror
    4. Stolen Flowers Rust
    5. Service Station Blues
    6. Lightbulb
    7. Powdered Milk Asylum
    8. Black Dolphin
    9. Jazz Funerals
    10. Brat


    This bundle also includes:

    Post War Glamour Girls - Feeling Strange (CD Album)

    The band's second LP

    CD digipack of Post War Glamour Girl's second LP 'Feeling Strange'. Released 30th October 2015.

    "One of those rare albums that gets better with every listen over a prolonged period of listening. At this rate of development Post War Glamour Girls are set to be a band of rare distinction indeed." 8/10 DrownedinSound

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    Post War Glamour Girls are: Ben Clyde, Alice Scott, James Smith, James Thorpe-Jones

    Produced by Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart Engineered and Mixed at Greenmount Studios by Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart Additional Engineering by Rob Slater Mastered by Carl Rosamond at RRS Mastering