Hip Hop Coffee Shop Sessions presents:

Hip Hop Coffee Shop Sessions 03


Entry Requirements: 16+

Line Up

Res One has paved his way massively in the Bristol and British hip hop scenes, not only through his solo career but also with his work in Split Prophets alongside the likes of Datkid and Upfront, as well as being a key player in the notorious duo, Dutch Mob. Not just this, but he has also been known to work closely with hip hop heroes, High Focus Records and their impressive roster of artists.

He’s recently become a founder of local Bristol hip hop label, Green Brick Records, which features the likes of Lazy Eyez and Springa. Through this, Res One is truly helping to bring hip hop back to Bristol.

As well as this, Res also helps to run FattyLou, a Bristol based company which sells original clothing, prints and other artwork, as well as the best UK hip hop records of right now. We’re also proper gassed to be able to announce that Res will also be bringing some Fatty garms for you to cop so bring some pennies for that 💸

With his new album due for release just the day before HHCSS #3, Res One promises to cook up a storm for this one. You don’t wanna miss this.

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Everyone’s favourite boom bap clan, The Caravan Collective are bringing their funky melodies and smooth lyricism back to our bill and are ready to truly raise the roof once again. Keep an eye out for these boys, their last track SILVER SEPTEMBER is the talk of Bristol town.

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Everyone’s favourite coffee shop badboi, Riski is back once again with a vengeance. With songs being teased over on his social media’s left right and centre, it’s clear many a fresh beat is on the horizon for this bedroom rapper. The kid played in nothing but a dressing gown last time, you know ya don’t wanna miss this.

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Next up on our lineup is coffee shop residents, DYSFUNCTIONAL INHABITANTS, here to join us once again. Comprised of the head of Burns Manor Records himself, Montgomery Burns and partner in crime Red I, the lads are back to spit some savage bars over beats that send shivers down your spine.

With albums coming soon both as a duo and as solo artists, it’s gonna be a good year for the dirty DI boys over at the manor.

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First up, just as our doors are opening, the newest addition to our bill and a fresh artist on the Burns Manor Records **roster, DR1VER** is here to demonstrate his skills after completely annihilating our last two open mics. Catch him kicking off the night!

More info coming very soon!

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Our final announcement goes to our resident open mic DJ - MR HARE.

Our favourite producer is back to provide you with some classsssic hip hop riddims for ya’ll to spit over. Mr Hare has proven his skills on the first two rounds of HHCSS with his mystical scratch spells and turntablism... he's back to destroy the stage once again.

DONT MISS this open mic hour, we got some maaaaad stuff lined up for ya’ll. See you soon.

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