Hip Hop Coffee Shop Sessions 3: RES ONE (29/09/18)

What a STONKA!

You guys packed out the coffee shop! Massive thank you to Boston Tea Party for letting us again use their amazing and highly ethical cafe. Massive thanks to the sound system fella's and engineer for the rig and maintaining perfect levels all evening.

Number 4 coming very, very soon ....

Hip Hop Coffee Shop 2 (29/06/18)

Yoooooooooooooooooo you lot smashed it!!!

Big up to everyone who came down to our second shindig and providing good vibes all night. Hold tight Dez the weatherman on ITV for getting the forecast right too. Absolute sunshine settings.

Below are some photos from the night. Massive thanks to @tomdleigh on the camera duties. We'll be heading back to Boston Tea Party in September for the 3rd instalment. Keep eyes open on our socials for more info.

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