Catch the York 4-piece storm across the UK supporting the single this July as part of their ‘I Created a MonsTOUR

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'I Created a Monster' weaves the tale of a man engulfed in the fizzling of his own imagination. Hello Operator's latest release drills another spy hole into the walls of their debut album.

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The MILLION Play Milestone

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BLOWN AWAY. We've hit our MILLIONTH play on Spotify!

Thank you all, you'll be rewarded with a cracking debut LP very soon.

HO x


The art of courting has changed somewhat over the millennia. Today we click, swipe and double-tap in endless pursuit of attraction.

‘Animalize’, the first cut into Hello Operator’s eagerly awaited debut album, is a stomping primal dance that drags you back, ankles-first, to the libidinous cave of human nature.

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Debut Single 'Stephanie'

Check out out debut single, 'Stephanie', released on Ignition Records November 2015...

Hello Operator - Stephanie