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Described as part of the NWOBTM, Helldown are a four-piece Metal Band formed in 2013 from Swansea, South Wales giving relentless power and aggression with their unique Thrash/Groove sound.

Drawing from a powerful kinship and liking for all things Heavy Metal. Helldown hurl out gratifying thrash metal layered with true groove and bite.

Originally formed back in 2013 and building on their friendship as musicians ever since, Helldown now stands at its strongest form consisting of brothers Ben and Matthew Evans (respective Bassist/Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist), aided by Ross Thomas (Drums) and Lewis Larkman (Lead Guitarist).

2016’s debut self-titled EP, along with 2017’s single “The Watchers”, helped to create a strong buzz for the riff slingers throughout the underground. Including live performances with the likes of Phil Campbell, Toxic Holocaust, Exhumed, Acid Reign, Triaxis, Malignancy, Ross The Boss, Gama Bomb and Hellripper to name just a few.

With a growing live reputation and becoming 2023 South Wales M2TM Finalists. Helldown showcase their newly found sound in current and forthcoming releases.

Useful Links

2024 release "Beneath the Veil" / "Beneath the Veil" Music Video.

2022 release "Embers" / "Embers" Music Video

2019 release "In Deaths Hands".

Click HERE to check out "Mortal Shell" lyrical video.

Click HERE to check out "The Unnamed" visualiser.

Click HERE to check out our first music video "The Watchers" - 2017.

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