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HELLDOWN is a No-Bullshit Heavy Metal band formed in 2013, giving you relentless power and aggression with their Thrash/Groove sound. Described as the “New Wave of British Thrash Metal”, their huge number of influences include everything from Thin Lizzy to Motorhead and Slayer to Pantera.

Drawing from a powerful kinship and liking for the back catalogs of Slayer, Thin Lizzy, Pantera, Judas Priest, and Metallica, HELLDOWN hurl out gratifying thrash metal layered with true groove and bite. Originally formed back in 2013, the foursome had some personnel changes that briefly derailed their early trajectory. Now with a stable line-up consisting of blood brothers Ben and Matthew Evans (respective Bassist/Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist), aided by Ross Thomas (Drums) and with Lewis Larkman (Lead Guitarist), the band’s reach is vast. 2016’s debut self-titled EP, along with 2017’s single, The Watchers, have helped to create a strong buzz for the riff slingers throughout the underground. Live performances with the likes of Phil Campbell, Toxic Holocaust, Exhumed, Acid Reign, Triaxis, Malignancy, Ross The Boss and Anti-Clone, to name just a few, have also greatly assisted in increasing the band’s stock.

With a growing live reputation, bolstered by the group’s newfound partnership with High Tide Booking Agency, Helldown headed to the studio to craft their next EP, In Deaths Hands.

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