Hailing from Fleetwood and grown in York, Harrison Rimmer has been playing music across the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and keeps on growing from strength to strength. Combing a multitude of influences from Marvin Gaye, Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen and more he keeps on growing as he continues writing and preforming. Harrison has supported a wide variety of artists such as: Rick Witter & Paul Banks (from Shed Seven),Tom Hingley (from Inspiral Carpets), Gaz Brookfield, RSJ ,The Band from County Hell, Hannah Trigwell and many more. Whilst also writing and performing songs for himself, Harrison has also been writing for other people and continues explore new styles and genres whilst keeping elements of his punk rock and classical roots. The DIY approach to music has been at the forefront of the work that he has been doing and what continues to drive him forward. As an artist Harrison bounces between upbeat Alternative Rock to reflective and mellow acoustic ballads. Sometimes described as, “A wall of sound with random graffiti on it”. Harrison has also been described as the following:

"The up lifting sounds of Bruce Springsteen sung similarly to Alex Band from The Calling all combined with the power and noise of Nirvana." - York Calling

"Harrison Rimmer, delivers a unique take on a classic sound to the local scene latest EP, ‘C’. "- Soundsphere Magazine Reviewed by Francesca Fortunato http://www.soundspheremag.com/reviews/ep-review-harrison-rimmer-c/

"Of course, there is nothing cliche about Harrison Rimmer’s acoustic compositions at all, because it isn't on the level of that moron in ripped jeans, with his songs of fabricated conviction, wooing high-school girls under the tree in the playground. No where near." Matthew Spear, Musically Fresh http://musicallyfresh.com/2016/03/harrison-rimmer-c-ep/

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