Jungles EP (inc. Polaroid Pic) + T-Shirt + Badge + Sticker - HABITATS

Jungles EP (inc. Polaroid Pic) + T-Shirt + Badge + Sticker

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1 x Jungles EP (inc. Polaroid Pic) 1 x T-Shirt 1 x Badge 1 x Sticker

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    This bundle also includes:

    JUNGLES EP - Special Ltd Edition CD

    Jungles EP + Exclusive Polaroid Image Inside Each Copy!

    Habitats Jungles EP is out now! These special ltd. edition CD copies of the EP have individual Polaroid images inside! Only 100 available so snap them up now!

    *Track Listing *

    1. Boogie Waltzer
    2. Should Know Better
    3. Float Together
    4. Jungles

    Copies also available on bands UK Tour in Feb/March 2016 Tickets: www.habitatsband.com

    This bundle also includes:

    HABITATS T-Shirt

    White HABITATS band T-Shirt with black print design

    Tee shirts designed by Mr Darren John. Words cannot describe their meaning but we can clarify they make you feel youthful and ready for a challenge.

    This bundle also includes:

    Sticker (3 per pack)

    Habitats Jungles artwork Badge & Sticker

    Decorate yourself with HABITATS Jungles EP Stickers!

    3 Stickers