"Snazzy!" - Nick Grimshaw, X-Factor UK 2015 "4 Stars: Airy, multilingual sophistication" - Jane Cornwell, The Evening Standard "The London based performer engages with her sweet refrains and the subtle twists" - Keith Ames, The Musician "Your performance was fantastic and I think you genuinely did stun the audience" - Sarah Heylar, producer of BBC TV's "Children in Need" "A sensational blast of passion, raw, tender and sublime. “ - Matthew Wright, The Arts Desk

Grace has had a diverse and eventful career leading up to 2016 having performed on prestigious stages and TV stations such as Glastonbury and BBC TV’s "Children in Need". Not to mention touring across Europe with Björk and working alongside Ricky Martin. This has led to her winning numerous awards; including ‘Best Singer’ in UK Unsigned (2009) and ‘Best Album, Best Female Singer and Best Song’ at the GSD Latin Music Awards (2011) as well as being a finalist for ‘Vocalist of the Year’ in the LUKAS Awards 2014. In addition to her singing, songwriting and performing accolades her image has also begun to be recognised in the fashion industry, being picked up by exclusive designer brand Dar Sara Fashion who created the bespoke dress featured in her video "Samba in my bones”, from the album with the same title.
Graciela (Grace)’s focus and passion has always been in music, “I sing because of my unconditional love for music, studying every single aspect of it that falls into my hands”. This is clearly evident in the emotional resonance of her vocal character, which is heard throughout her diverse range of material spanning across multiple genres.

“She is undoubtedly an artist who was born to perform. Her passion and love for music are unique. She can sing all kinds of styles and genres while in the middle she creates dancing tunes from pop, disco and funk melodies, giving the listener an intense and vivid picture of what music means to her: “Freedom”.” - Adriana Rubio, Arts Publications Music & Films

Grace Rodson has nurtured her talent in many groups, most notably singing with ‘the Godfather of Salsa’ Roberto Pla, notable for his strong influence on the Afro­-Latin music scene. Completing a postgraduate degree in Vocal Jazz at the Royal Academy of Music, her abilities have even led her to conduct / compose with the London String Ensemble for a film.

With the sensual dance-infused “Bitten” as the first single, Grace Rodson launches “Red Hot Fire”, her third studio album.

The album was produced hand in hand by Grace Rodson and award-winning producers Andy Whitmore (Terence Trent D'Arby, Eternal, Danii Minogue, Usher), Oscar Lo Brutto (who had worked with Grace on her previous album "Samba In My Bones”), Charlie Atom and Niall Kearney. The album also features the godfather of salsa, maestro Roberto Pla, on timbales, rappers Charlie Blaize Hall and Guerrero, guitarist Roger Blackman and Grace’s regulars such as Roberto Ares (percussion), Dominic Grant (guitar), Steve Richardson (bass) or Alex Hutton (piano).

With "Red Hot Fire", Graciela (Grace) shows us her fiery side, all this coupled with a strong dance/electronic approach, in contrast to her previous work, of a more organic nature.

“Red Hot Fire” means a turning point in my personal life. It’s a mixture of fiery feelings and an unstoppable drive for becoming the best version of myself. It’s a process of confusion, desire and self-esteem. The music has a passionate drive and it’s intended to make people dance. - Grace Rodson

"Bitten is a strong tune, dancey and very very sexy. Clear proof is the video, that shows us a night party in a club, where the atmosphere starts heating up more and more until all the people end up wrapped around a wave of lust and completely wet. With Grace Rodson as the lead character and a varied environment, this video shows us the sexiest side of the Spanish singer." 
Press article by Pentavox

She's also performed at the London Latin Jazz Festival 2015 with a sold out concert along with the fab funksters J-Sonics, City of London Festival, as well as having just been chosen to be the voice of Shakira’s new toy for toddlers, Kira Plush (Fisher Price). You can see Grace perform regularly every Friday and Saturday night at Sarastro in the heart of Covent Garden (London). Exciting times!

"Bitten" (single) is available on iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon Music "Red Hot Fire" is available on www.gracimusic.com/shop

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