*"Anthemic songs with epic choruses full of energy and timeless melodies. A live act not to be missed!..." *

The band was formed by the Mariani brothers as an escape from the mundane life in the suburbs fuelled by their passion for Alternative rock and all things 90's like Britpop, grunge, Adidas and lad culture. Seeing how music had seemed to become a manufactured product and with the lack of great rock acts in the mainstream scene, they decided to shake things up a bit and bring rock and roll back from the dead.

They make their own blend of Alternative Rock with the right dose of catchy melodies, dirty riffs and groovy beats. Their main influences are Oasis, The Verve, Kasabian, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Led Zep. But they're not simply just emulating what's already been done, FREESPIRITS manages to make fresh music, channeling the influences of their heroes but adding a modern twist to capture the new generation.

Freespirits came about in 2012 when brothers Carlo & Lucas's previous band "The Gallery" split up, they decided not to get down about it and started playing around Hampshire open mics and small local pubs all over again. And after months of practice and writing songs, they went on tour around the South of England, playing gigs, festivals and competitions creating a big and loyal local fan base and developing a reputation as one of the most hard-working rock and roll bands around.

The group released their debut single "Straight to the Top" as a free download to great response. The track is also available on the 100% Records' "Basingstoke Volume 2", a 4 CD compilation released in 2012 showcasing the best music available in the South.

The 2nd single "Boredom Remedy" followed by their 1st EP “Songs of Hope & Freedom” received a very positive response from fans, media and critics including Alan McGee and BBC Introducing DJ Linda Serck among many others.

Freespirits put out a 2nd EP named "Eternal Escapade" in early 2014 and their 1st LP “Electric Magic” came out in later in the year followed by a long set of live dates to promote the album.

In 2015 they joined 90's britpop legends Hurricane #1 on guitar and bass duties. The reformed group went on a massive UK tour and recorded an album which was also highly acclaimed by the music press and their diehard fans. Now with a bag full of touring experience, the guys are back to their main project and are currently in the studio working on their 2nd LP to be released in the summer.

Their new single "Superstar" is set to be release in November 2017.

Freespirits got the right tunes, the confident attitude and are ready to take over the music scene and bring back quality guitar music to the top of the charts!


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