Signed Through That Sound (My Secret Was Made Known)



Through That Sound (My Secret Was Made Known), the all new Eliza Carthy record with Fife producer-arranger Ben Seal is a delightful tour of Eliza’s songwriting and Ben’s production.

Track Listing

  1. The Black Queen
  2. The Lute Girl
  3. Surrender (Fallow)
  4. Musa, Pt 1 (the Death of the King)
  5. Neptune (in the Stars Wants His Bloody Pound Of Fish)
  6. Mean to Me
  7. Our Savage Friends
  8. Ships Passing
  9. Hey Joe
  10. Until Then (The Goodnight Song)

Cover Art: Kirsty Whiten

It features the incredible musicianship of;

Willy Molleson, Drums (Wayward Band), Phil Alexander, Keyboards (Gift Band, Moishie’s Bagel), Rick Standley, Double Bass, Pete Furniss, Bass Clarinet Mr McFalls Chamber.