Eliza Carthy 'Rice' CD

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Rice looks afresh at British - and other - traditional musics. Eliza Carthy is joined by Saul Rose, Ed Boyd, Eleanor Waterson, Lucy Adams, Billericay Fontenot & Thorngumbold Fontenot.

1 Blow The Winds/The Game Of Draughts 2 The Snow It Melts The Soonest 3 Picking Up Sticks/The Old Mole/Felton Lonnin/Kingston Girls 4 Miller And The Lass 5 Herring Song 6 Mons Meg 7 Tuesday Morning 8 Haddock And Chips 9 The Americans Have Stolen My True Love Away 10 Zycanthos Jig/Tommy's Foot/Quebecois 11 The Sweetness Of Mary/Holywell Hornpipe/Swedish 12 Benjamin Bowmaneer 13 Commodore Moore/The Black Dance/A Andy O