Eliza Carthy 'Heat, Light & Sound' CD


The most accomplished and adventurous debut album the British folk scene has witnessed in more than 20 years, "Heat Light And Sound" declares Eliza Carthy's talent as a singer and fiddler in songs and tunes from the British tradition. "A superbly assured debut album." - the Observer. "The future of British folk music." - Mojo.

1 Cold, Wet & Rainy Night/The Grand Hornpipe 2 Cumberland Waltz/Petit Homme/Miss Bowls' 3 What A Beau Your Granny Is/Stone Steps 4 Ten Thousand Miles/Bacca Pipes 5 Clark Saunders 6 Stamps For The Dog 7 Peggy 8 Blind Fiddler 9 Lady Barnsley's Fancy/Trip To Cartmel/Hardy's Crow 10 By Then 11 Sheath And Knife 12 Jacky Tar