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"what is for sure is that their sound could fill an arena. I was mesmerised by their ingenious use of backing audio tracks throughout their songs. “Our lives and the world itself may be meaningless” eerily repeated through the speakers at the start of track ‘We Will Kill Again". It was unlike anything I’ve seen live before; their stage presence captivating me, making me not want the set to end"

"all I could picture during their set was them filling the Motorpoint Arena or Principality Stadium with their sensational sound"

"For sure there are echoes of influences in there, whether that be Frightened Rabbit or Sigur Ros (yes it’s that diverse) and yet it all hangs together wonderfully well. Well-crafted songs featuring clever arrangements and a likeable stage personality complete the picture – they are a hard working band and so are likely to be appearing somewhere near you. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed."

"Earths step up to the challenge of the night too, delivering their intriguing shoegazy indie material with a real punch that elevates their sound from record."

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"This has a tremendous amount of strength and grace and bands like Earths continue to exemplify the real gems you come across in Scotland"

"A masterpiece in lo-fi indie rock with an unmistakeable Scottish stamp"

"Melancholy in a way that is exciting and never too self-absorbed, they are without doubt a band helping to keep guitar music relevant and experimental with enough personality to invoke a strong connection almost immediately.

"Earths have a distinct sound that is far more subtle than many indie bands. There is deep feeling in their sound and the songwriting is excellent."

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REVIEWS OF KANGERLUSSUAQ SINGLE "It all makes for a sound that’s fresh and adventurous, and confirms Earths as a Glasgow band to keep an eye on."

"Kangerlussuaq’ is neither maudlin nor depressing, instead it is incredibly upifting. With a wonderful narrative throughout, Earths carve out a strong place for themselves with their artful songwriting and thoughtful lyricism."

"Its ethereal falsetto whispers are reminiscent of Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago period and mix perfectly with the frantic indie jangle that later ensues."

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"All in all, this is a really tight EP from Earths, particular highlights being the mix of guitar sounds and vocal styles and the inventive percussion, which is interesting without being overbearing. This is definitely an act to add to the ever-growing list of Scottish artists to expect big things from in 2015."

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Kangerlussuaq Single