The Each One Teach One Trust (EOTO) is a registered charity and grant giving trust founded by Ben Drew (Plan B) in 2012. We aim to improve the lives of young people aged 14-25 by providing access to new skills, training and support.

We do two things:

Fund inspiring projects to help young people to build their skills and in turn improve their lives. Link up youth provision to strengthen the sector and help the journey make more sense to young people. We listen to young people and respond to their thoughts, feelings and opinions on what is best for them. We are a voice for young people, providing the support and opportunities they need and are asking for. We listen to the organisations, companies and industries where young people want to end up and we help them develop new initiatives where there are gaps in provision.

As Ben himself says: “we find small organisations run by likeminded people that are passionate within their field. We offer them financial backing, along with moral and business support to do what they do without having their hands tied behind their back. By giving these people the power to carry on running these organisations, we’re going to take these kids out of negative environments and help put them in a place where they feel they can express themselves.”