One Night Only - Double CD


A double cd celebrating Donny Osmond's February 2017 performance at the Birmingham NEC.

DISC ONE 1. CELEBRATION – Robert “Kool” Bell (Mercury) INCLUDING START ME UP – Jagger/Richards (Rolling Stones) DYNAMITE – Dr. Luke (Island) CAN’T STOP THE FEELING – Justin Timberlake (RCA) UPTOWN FUNK – Jeff Bhasker (RCA) 2. PUPPY LOVE – Paul Anka (ABC-Paramount) 3. LET’S STAY TOGETHER – Al Green (Hi) 4. LONG HAIRED LOVER FROM LIVERPOOL – Christopher Kingsley (MGM) 5. SACRED EMOTION – Evan Rogers (Curb) 6. ANY DREAM WILL DO – Andrew Lloyd Webber (Decca) 7. BREEZE ON BY – D. Osmond/E. Kennedy/G. Barlow/B. Womack 8. THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD – Lennon/McCartney (Apple) 9. COULD SHE BE MINE – E. Kennedy/J. Jayawardena/D. Nesbitt/S. Anson 10. MY LOVE IS A FIRE – C. Sturken/E. Rogers

DISC TWO 1. PEG – Walter Becker (ABC) 2. PRIVATE AFFAIR – Dianne Warren (Capitol) 3. I’LL MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU – Matthew Wilder (Walt Disney) 4. SOLDIER OF LOVE – C. Sturken/E. Rogers 5. MOON RIVER – Henry Mancini (Decca) 6. YOUNG LOVE – Carol Joyner (Polydor) 7. 12TH OF NEVER – Jerry Livingston (MGM) 8. WHEN I FALL IN LOVE – Victor Young (MGM) 9. LOVE ME FOR A REASON – Johnny Bristol (MGM) 10. WHENEVER YOU’RE IN TROUBLE – D. Osmond/E. Kennedy/G. Barlow 11. CLOSE EVERY DOOR – Tim Rice (Polydor) / Andrew Lloyd-Weber (Decca) 12. SURVIVOR – D. Osmond/E. Kennedy/J.Jayawardena/P. Begaud/V. Corish 13. CRAZY HORSES – A. W. & M. Osmond. (Polydor) 14. THIS IS THE MOMENT – Frank Wildhorn (Decca)

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