Starting from 2004, Deepsmoke has produced many independent albums and produced several local artists in Indonesia. In 2018, he developed his musical work by producing music for several international artists.

He began his career as an office worker and feel saturated with all the routines. The musical hobbies that he has been doing since he was a child have become one of the turning points for him to start a musical career.

Previously, Deepsmoke and several of its co-workers formed a hip metal band that performed songs such as Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and others. The group formed in 2001 did not last long because of the business of each of its members. This group disbanded in 2003.

Raised in a slum environment in the early 80's did not make him a rough person, Deepsmoke still adhered to the principles and Eastern culture that was always upheld by the community where he lived.

Since childhood, he always listens to music from various types of genres. His father worked for 1.5 years in a record and music shop in the middle of the city. Regularly, his father always brings the latest release tapes/ cassettes every week to be heard.

Deepsmoke hip hop music careers are influenced by many people around him. He only heard some hip hop songs during childhood such as Kurtis Blow, MC Hammer, and others, but after he got along with other colleagues who liked the same music, he began to search for all the information while deepening his knowledge of hip hop.

As a result, in 2004, he began learning to make hip hop music using the DAW software which he still uses today, namely Sony Acid Pro (now Magix Acid Pro) and release his first album in 2006. Deepsmoke also featured with many Indonesian Hip Hop musician and artists.

Until this year, Deepsmoke released 9 albums and collaborated with many local, national and international musicians to produce music.