DDrive is made up of Seiji and Yuki on guitar, Toshi on bass and Chiiko on drums and play high energy, instrumental rock music. The band use their impressive melodies, thrilling performances and highly skilled technique to entertain audiences both in their native Japan and across the world. The combination of the jaw-dropping guitar and fireball rhythm section provides the unique instrumental sound that DDrive call “Driving Rock”.

D_Drive have released three albums in Japan, ‘Something to Drink’ (2009), ‘Accelerator’ (2011), ‘R’ (2015). As well as performing many times in Japan, they have also performed in China, Korea and the USA and are involved in brand opportunities with companies such as Lamborghini and Intel, as well as Yuki being featured in the Sony Xperia TV advertising.

D_Drive celebrate their 10th anniversary as a band and release their international debut album ‘Maximum Impact’ on May 31st 2019 via Marshall Records.