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This bundle also includes:

Unplayed Hits CD

The new CD is an album of songs that are rarely played live............

"The new CD is an album of songs that are rarely played live, but mean a lot to me, I hope you enjoy it" David

Unplayed Hits - Tracklist:

  1. Let It Flow
  2. Time Is Catching Up
  3. Walk Of Life
  4. Carrying The Water Home
  5. Cool Out Tonight
  6. Alice Stay Young & Free
  7. You Crazy Fool
  8. Coming Home
  9. Heart Turns To Stone
  10. What Did I Do
  11. Forever And A Day
  12. Oh Suburbia
  13. Africa You Shine
  14. Fallen Angels Riding
  15. Never Meant To Hurt You
  16. She's Emotional
  17. A Shoulder To Cry On
  18. Stage Struck
This bundle also includes:

Theatre Of Dreams CD

Theatre Of Dreams CD


  1. Wonderful
  2. Dance With Me
  3. Hold Me Close
  4. Lamplight
  5. Dangerous
  6. Silver Dream Machine
  7. A Place In The Sun
  8. Oh What A Circus
  9. Imperial Wizard 10.Winters Tale 11.Pretty Thing 12.If I Could 13.Father And Son 14.Gonna Make You A Star 15.Rock On 16.You Really Got Me 17.Missing You (Magic)