Dani Sylvia is a singer / songwriter who manages to capture how unreasonably awful it is sometimes to be who we are, without making you want to throw things at the radio. Her voice is a soulful and resonating sound of raw heartbreak, hope and ‘generation now’. She is a poignant artist of true individualism and awkward realism that everyone can relate to. 
 Dani won 'Best Songwriter' at The Unsigned Music Awards 2016 and has since been 'Featured Artist' on 'BBC Introducing London' and with her debut single 'Omniscient', which was also 'Track of the Week' on BBC Sussex/Surrey. The single was then played by Alex Lester on Radio 2. She toured the UK supporting 'The Feeling' with her debut EP 'Monologues' and has also provided backing vocals for artists such as Paloma Faith, Sigma and Labrinth with Urban Voices Collective. 
 The last eighteen months have seen Dani wading through the miserable slime of heartbreak piecing together her project ‘Catharsix’ (six EPs released over six months starting September 14th 2018). The six projects each have a different theme ranging from revenge to the joys of confronting an existential crisis. Each EP somehow manages to reach down your throat, dig its nails into your heart and pull it out slowly through your mouth - yet somehow you don’t feel despairingly about it.

"This is a name you'll be hearing a lot of" - Alex Lester (BBC Radio 2)

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