Country Rock and Stadium Choruses!

Forming in 2014, this high energy band of brothers hailing from the south will rock you to your knees. The combination between these hungry kids leaves no mouth unopened with their blend of Rock & Country... and a performance that will have you wired for months, think Bon Jovi.... The Eagles.... Motley Crue... This is a band that wants to prove that the stadium show is not dead. Their headline show at the Faversham Hop Festival 2018 showed that the big stage is where they belong.

Having toured the UK twice in the last 2 years in their post office van and the USA in 2014, on top of playing over 100 shows a year for the past 4 years, their fan base has exploded! Now the band have just released their debut single, Midnight Queen, which reached number 1 in the Radio Indie charts, backed up by a stylish and badass music video.

The bands debut EP '4 SHOTS!' was released on November 23 with both fans and critics praising the debut release as a lifeline to rock music. Be prepared for lots of touring and the debut album early next year!

"This band are the real deal' - Dave 'Bucket' Colwell (Ex Guitarist of Bad Company)

"The world hasn't seen a band like this for a long time!" - Dennis Turner (Q5 Guitarist)


Angelo Tristan- Breaks as many hearts as he does strings. The leader at the front. Prepare to get wet with a husky tone, smouldering stare and a stage presence that no front man can match.

"Angelo Tristan is a front man the likes of which we haven't seen for a couple of decades" -

Todd Winger- The devil on guitar. A face melting professional. The melody of the band and a tone that will make you weak. This guy has the charm!

Jakki Dimazio- Plays bass.

Ben Atkinson- The power from behind. Owns the drums...or anything he can smash! You won’t stand still all the while he’s playing!

Collaterals music is available through all major music retailers including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify

Collateral - '4 SHOTS!' - EP Teaser
"Lullaby" LIVE - The Faversham Hop Festival 2018
"Midnight Queen" - Official Video
Rough Cuts ep4 - The Making Of The Midnight Queen