Cardiff 6-piece, Breichiau Hir blend emphatic waves with intensely patient and softer moments with precision. Exploding with aggression, fragility and melody, Breichiau Hir sit somewhere between punk and emo, incorporating their post-hardcore and post-rock influences. They tackle hard hitting themes with self-deprecating humour and deftness of touch through their native Welsh language.

"Welsh language emo heroes Breichiau Hir are one of our best kept secrets I reckon, combining urgency and melody and leaving you wanting to cry and learn Welsh." - Huw Stephens, NME

“Spreading out their line of guitarists in classic sturdy defensive back-four setup, Breichiau Hir fill both stage and air with a dense and interlocking storm of guitar textures: Explosions In The Sky-style coldness one moment, crashing emo chords the next. Through it all, vocalist Steff paces the crowd, the interplay between screaming, gruff melodicism and the tide of guitars proving fascinating to watch. A knotty racket, made by a bunch of grinning mates who wave to the crowd between songs, and that’s a great result for the lads.” - Buzz Magazine review of our set in Hub Festival 2019

"Loud, angry and raw, ‘Penblwydd Haps Iawn’ is an urgent, adrenaline-fuelled punk rock banger from the Welsh natives, that deserves you’re undivided attention." - God Is In The TV

"Go listen to Breichiau Hir and be glad that you, like me, ever so slightly broadened your horizons." - Close Watch Music

"It just goes to show, you can enjoy the rock and passion of any good band whatever they are saying and singing." - Beehive Candy

"It hits you hard, and at the depth of your heart, you don’t mind. You welcome it. The veterans of emo-rock just does it with flare and attitude that transcends rock sub-genres. And as ‘Penblwydd Hapus Iawn’ makes you wanna just dance and mosh, it delights you and every fiber of your being. Refreshing and outrageously cool, Breichiau Hir does it again with this single” - Come Here Floyd

"The Welsh emo's you never knew you needed..." - Higher Plain