Welcome to Biggroove Music

Formerly the home of Biggroove Records, which featured E-K-A, Indiscretion and Mr A and a couple of other signings. Things have moved on a great deal over the last few years. Biggroove Records is now Biggroove Music a gateway for people who really like their House music and EDM. You can Explore our catalogue to get a feel for the range of music produced over the years-funky house to deep house, commercial EDM and lots inbetween! We now are made up of 3 parts- the monthly e-zine ( and 6 free tracks) that you get when you sign up at www.biggroove-music.com, our official music store and our merchandise store. You can literally trace us back to our musical beginnings by going through our musical catalogue, that is featured here. You can also checkout our Merch for those of you wanting to let others know that you support Biggroove Music (thanks!). Always worth remembering our merch makes great gifts for people who llike their House music too! How about buying one item and gifting another? Either way it all helps to support what I am doing at Biggroove Music. When you sign up to Biggroove Music, you will be joining an INTERNATIONAL group of House music/ EDM lovers from across the globe! We have mailing list reps from UK, USA, France, Spain, Japan, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Greece, Venezuela, Australia and growing!

Our vision hasn't changed, it is still to create quality, soulful dance music, ballads, and funky underground grooves, creating timeless tunes that never grow old! Tunes that really move you both physically and emotionally, but above all tunes that make you feel good. Due to our uplifting sounds, we really believe that we can give you a taste of SUMMER, all year round!

We have been very lucky to work with huge talents over the years including contributions from a number of DJs and remixers including DJ Mashdup and AW guys from Sweden (Pop idol+ US No1 no less!). We are still looking to grow Biggroove Music, with a greater focus on building our dance music community. You can now access even more of us, more of our back story and of course, quality giveaways in our FREE house Music ezine - let us know where to send it, when you visit www.biggroove-music.com. Thank you for checking us out, hope you will continue to enjoy what we have to offer!

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